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Bonus-points and discount coupons

Even more sales at Naturo Santé!

In order to meet your expectations and provide additional sales, we are introducing two news concepts to our online store: bonus points and discounts coupons.

Below you will find explanations and guidelines concerning these 2 new dynamic concepts that will help you save even more as you purchase your natural products.

*Please note that you will be required to first create a personal account with Naturo Santé to enrol. You may sign-up by filling out the simple and free online form. Next time you visit the website, log in to your account by using your username and password to use both bonus points and discounts coupons.

How to accumulate Bonus Points

Bonus points help you save even more! With each purchase, you will earn bonus-points that can be used to purchase natural products of your choice.

A certain amount of points is earned for each dollar (1$) spent in your account. Naturo Santé has the right to modify the ratio of bonus points to dollar spent for each product at its discretion.

Your balance is calculated after each transaction and can be easily found in the insert menu of the bonus points, located at the top of each page online.

Please note that you need to be log in your account to both view your bonus points balance and your transaction history.

How to spend Bonus-Points

Bonus points are automatically allocated to your purchases when your balance is high enough to cover the full amount of your product before taxes.

For example: if you have 1900 points accumulated in your account and your cart has 2 products requiring 1000 points each to be credited. The first product will be fully credited. The second product will have to be paid with cash since the remaining balance will be 900, which is not enough to cover the second product.

In other words, your bonus points are automatically allocated when your balance is high enough to cover the full amount of a product. If you purchase 3 products and you have enough bonus points in your bonus-points balance, they will be allocated to the 3 products and you will have nothing to pay to finalize your purchase.

After your transaction is completed, the amount of points corresponding to the credit allocated is debited for your total points balance and is reflected instantaneously in your account, located online at the top of each browser.

The Bonus-Points spent for each purchase can be viewed in the section Manage my purchase history in the top section of the online store.

If you need additional information on our bonus-points policies, please contact our customer service.

Discount coupons

Discount coupons are fixed rebate determined by Naturo Santé and are sent to clients via e-mail. Discount coupons are represented with an alphanumerical code to be used with your purchase on the Naturo Santé online store.

Unlike Bonus points, discount coupons instantaneously reduce by a fraction the price of your product purchase by a certain amount.

For example: you have received via e-mail a discount coupon code with a dollar value of 10$. If you buy a product with a 20$ value, the discount coupon is apply and your purchase balance will be 10$.

If you need additional information on discount coupons policies, please contact our customer service.

Combined Discounts

Bonus-Points and discount coupons can be combined for purchases of one or more products.

For examples: Your shopping cart contents one product with a 20$ value. You received via e-mail a discount coupon with a 10$ reduction code and you have enough points in your account to pay the remaining amount after the application of the discount coupon. Bonus points will be credited for the remaining amount of 10$ dollars. In this case, you product will cost nothing. If you had only 5$ in bonus points, you would have had 5$ dollars left to pay.

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