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Natural Product Details


450 g : 69.99$

Our price : 58.99$

Bonus-points : 578

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Description :

There was no or next to no - Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, Asthma. The one major health problem was you'd think that with the advent of antibiotics..we should have had it made in the shade and by now be in almost perfect health, barring accidents.

Nope! Wrong! The health of the general public has never been worse!! In my opinion our food is the main factor..and we can't rely on it to keep us healthy anymore.

I mean how bizarre can it get when we see that on autopsy of young children after dying in fatal is common to find plaquing of the arteries...a disease which should never be seen before the age of 45 year of age!!!

So the person born in 1989 is snookered from the get go...they have been fed for the most part in the average family some tons of sugar, chemicals, processed food, dead fruit and vegetables, chemical and hormone laced dairy products, hormone and preservative laden meats, high saturated fats mixed with sugar (THE death sentence of all time) and the list goes on...

GSH (glutathione) is essential for the survival of all living organisms... meaning your ability to be alive!

*Glutathione is an antioxidant, immune booster and detoxifier, without it, your cells would disintegrate from unrestrained oxidation, your body would have little resistance to bacteria, viruses and cancer, and your liver would shrivel up from eventual accumulation of toxins.

Glutathione is not yet a common word... even doctors who have heard of the term may only have a vague idea of it. There was a time when only scientists had heard of cholesterol and vitamins, but today everyone knows about them.

Each and every cell in the body is responsible for its own supply of glutathione, and must have the necessary raw materials to make it. Glutathione is always in great demand and is rapidly consumed when we experience any sort of pressure, illness, stress, fatigue and even excercise.

Glutathione levels also diminish as we age and many diseases normally asociated with aging have been linked to glutathione difficiency.

Suggested Use:
Take 1 to 3 scoops daily. Mix with 250 ml of water, milk or juice.

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