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Natural Product Details
Microbicid Ag

Microbicid Ag

250 ml : 21.99$

Our price : 21.99$

Bonus-points : 216

500 ml : 33.99$

Our price : 33.99$

Bonus-points : 333

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Description :

Colloidal silver is as a natural alternative to antibiotics.

What is colloidal silver?
Be aware that the colloids are particles so small they can not see with the naked eye. These particles in a liquid does not dissolve and are suspended. Colloidal silver is a liquid in which are suspended ultra fine silver particles with a positive electrical charge. This is the positive charge of the metal ion which makes it a formidable foe for the microbes.

What makes this product so effective? what is its mode of action?
Several forms of bacteria, viruses and fungi use enzymes specific to breathe, so to live. The particles of colloidal silver directly attack and block these enzymes causing rapid death of these organisms by asphyxiation.

Clinical experience has clearly demonstrated that ingestion of colloidal silver is not dangerous to humans. In addition, the amount of money provided by this product does not exceed the daily reference dose established by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

What are the health problems that colloidal silver can be remedied?
Colloidal silver can be useful for almost any health problems, including infections. The literature abounds with traditional medical diseases have been treated with ionic silver colloid.

The ionic silver colloid is usually takes an empty stomach or without food. However if taken during a meal, it will promote digestion by preventing bad fermentations. If the solution retains a few minutes in the mouth (sublingual absorption), it passes more quickly in the blood.

Other uses
There are other uses for this wonderful product:

■ Spray to help the preservation of fruits and vegetables;
■ Treatment Plant;
■ drops in the nose to fight sinusitis;
■ drops in the ears to fight ear infections;
■ added to water to purify it;
■ Inhalation and fogging;
■ Dressing;

Internal use:
Three teaspoons three times a day

Two to three applications a dayUndo edits

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