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500 ml : 34.99$

Our price : 28.99$

Bonus-points : 284


CleanseSMART Details

30 days : 39.99$

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Oil of Oregano2/1 + book free

Oil of Oregano2/1 + book free Details

15 ml : 22.99$

Our price : 22.99$

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30 ml : 33.99$

Our price : 33.99$

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Rasberry Ketones of Nutracentials

Rasberry Ketones of Nutracentials Details

90 caps : 29.99$

Our price : 25.99$

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Integris - probiotic support of Sisu - 20  billion

Integris - probiotic support of Sisu - 20 billion Details

30 caps : 49.99$

Our price : 34.99$

Bonus-points : 343

Integris - advanced probiotic action of Sisu - 30  billion

Integris - advanced probiotic action of Sisu - 30 billion Details

30 caps : 70.99$

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Curcumin of Sisu

Curcumin of Sisu Details

30 softg. : 39.99$

Our price : 27.99$

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60 softg. : 69.99$

Our price : 52.99$

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Cellusap of Herbalgem

Cellusap of Herbalgem Details

250 ml : 32.99$

Our price : 27.99$

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B calm of Sisu

B calm of Sisu Details

120 caps : 40.99$

Our price : 32.99$

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Immuno Care

Immuno Care Details

60 caps : 73.99$

Our price : 62.99$

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30 caps : 39.99$

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Cholester-Aid Details

180 caps : 46.99$

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Memory Optimizer

Memory Optimizer Details

60 caps : 39.99$

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Joint Optimzer

Joint Optimzer Details

60 caps : 27.99$

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Double Strength Theracurmin

Double Strength Theracurmin Details

60 caps : 52.99$

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Whole Body Optimizer

Whole Body Optimizer Details

60 caps : 34.99$

Our price : 26.99$

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Weekly Health Chronicle

Natural solutions against urinary tract infections

 According to an article in the Journal of Family Physicians of Canada, urinary tract infections are the second leading cause of physician visits and one of the most common infections, especially in women, because of the shorter path followed by bacteria along the urethra.

The cause of urinary tract infection is often bacterial (Escherichia coli). This bacterium is normally found in the intestinal and vaginal flora, but the bacteria can enter the urethra and cause an infection. The use of antibiotics, sex, taking oral contraceptives, hormonal imbalance, stress, flora debunked by the presence of a yeast or a parasite are all other possible factors of urinary tract infections .
Here is CRANACTIVE TRI-SYNERGY containing 3 natural ingredients that can help you fight the uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing symptoms of urinary tract infections.
CRANACTIVE provides the equivalence of 4 cups of sugar-free cranberry juice to prevent bacteria from infecting the bladder walls. Cranberry concentrate rich in proanthocyanidins prevents E. coli from adhering to the urinary tract.
It also contains olive leaf to help fight infectious microbes and reduce the spread of infection. One of the phytochemicals found in olive leaves, called oleuropein, has the ability to create amino acids, thus preventing the ability of microbes to reproduce and therefore multiply. In fact, he realizes what antibiotics fail to accomplish.
And the third ingredient in CRANACTIVE is corn silk, which reduces inflammation and provides soothing relief from discomfort. Corn bristles are the hair that covers corn, they have diuretic properties that help remove excess fluids and toxins from the body thus preventing the risk of urinary tract infections.
Finally, drink at least 2 liters of water a day!

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