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Health Chronicles

Shark liver oil helps our defenses

 All over the world, the traditional peoples make the shark the animal capable of bringing strength, vitality and immunity! A shark lives about 100 years without disease thanks to a remarkable immunity that scientists explain by the presence of AKG (alkylglycerols). Especially the Scandinavians have observed that no sharks develop cancer, so since the dawn of time, they use shark liver oil to protect their body carcinogens and infections. It is therefore able to stimulate our natural defenses when they are deficient and to protect us from more or less serious pathologies. It is therefore a product to use for example in the case of repetitive infections which is a sign of a deficiency of the immune system.

The oil obtained from the liver of sharks is unique because it contains two groups of vital substances: squalene and alkylglycerols. The oil can be obtained in large quantities from sharks since their liver easily reaches 25% of their body weight and can give up to 75% of oil. Currently, we find that AKGs have a role of importance as messengers of the immune system, they have an important place in support of cancer treatments, they protect the general immunity of patients by preventing leukopenia (falling white blood cells ) and the collapse of platelets. What has had the effect of avoiding any secondary infection due to the decline of the immune system they do not interfere with conventional treatments, do not hinder their activity, promoting it even, and cause no toxicity or side effect.
Shark liver oil by Bell Lifestyle Co. is a great shark oil supplement, each capsule contains between 25 to 27% Alkylglycerols and 125 IU of vitamin A. It increases resistance to infections, relieves allergies, sinusitis and asthma while stimulating the production of white blood cells. Take a cure now to prepare for the harsh conditions of winter.

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