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Health Chronicles

Fight coughs and colds

 Year after year, you apprehend the following symptoms as soon as the mercury falls in free fall

Brain in mush - Nose leaking like a tap - Burning throat - Cough perpetually - Scratching in the chest ...
Instead of resigning yourself right now, give your body the tools to protect yourself, here's something to defend yourself:
Just take Echinaforce Daily 15 drops in a little water or 1 tablet Echinaforce Forte. They help the immune system fight germs even before the infection sets in. The active ingredients of this remedy reduce the ability of infectious agents to enter the cells of the body. It is a product prepared from fresh and organic echinacea plant. If you are one of those who catch at least 4 colds per winter, start treatment in October, you will be surprised at the results.
For inflammation and painful throat infections such as: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, hoarseness, irritation. Echinaforce sore throat pain relieves discomfort from the first application. Great taste of peppermint!
To fight coughs and colds
Bronchosan based on ivy and thyme, reduces the mucus that clings to the chest which makes it easier to expel. This remedy works very quickly, without any contraindications.
Sinus congestion and sinusitis
Cases of sinusitis, an inflammatory sinus disease, are becoming more common. Recurrent and chronic, sinusitis is often consecutive to a cold or flu. A.Vogel Sinna tablets or nasal spray can help you, it combines homeopathic remedies that work synergistically to fight the swelling of inflamed and infected mucous membranes. It targets the different aspects of sinusitis as well as its main aggravations, congestion and inflammation of the sinuses with frontal headache, catarrhs ​​extending to the frontal sinuses and rhinitis.

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