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Health Chronicles

The benefits of celery juice

 Celery juice is excellent against high blood pressure, thanks to a chemical called phthalide found in celery that has a remarkable effect on the blood circulation. It facilitates the relaxation of the muscles that surround the arteries. This relaxation of the muscles contributes to a vasodilator effect and a lowering of the blood pressure. The presence of mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium and calcium also fight against hypertension.

It is an excellent diuretic and antiseptic because it facilitates the work of the bladder and kidneys. For the urinary tract, this celery drink is a kind of powerful purgative. It ensures proper bladder function and reduces the phenomenon of water retention. By the action of phthalide itself, this drink also ensures better evacuation of all the waste that circulates throughout our body.
Those who have the joints stuffed with uric acid, take hope, know that you can treat your joint pain like gout in a natural way thanks to celery. Polyacetylene is the main active ingredient in celery involved in inflammation. Many joint and bone problems are resolved with this potion. By its purifying power, it helps a lot to clean the body of uric products to fight the pain caused by rheumatism and osteoarthritis.
Celery juice is one of the most recommended courses to keep the line, if you want to eliminate a few grams or even a few pounds too much, this is the best way to achieve this. The antioxidants in celery play an important role in preventing the disease, the most dangerous being cancer.
To enjoy its benefits easily, you can get Salus celery juice. It is a pure and natural juice, harvested at dawn and bottled at noon, which preserves all the benefits of the plant. Easy to take, mix 10ml of pure celery juice with 6 times the amount of liquid, drink 2 times a day before meals.

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